FASD Training

Our FASD Training is conducted in partnership with The Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association (rffada).

The training developed by rffada and delivered by TCA was the first publicly available training delivered in Australia by professional and qualified trainers.

This training can be customised and contextualised to the needs of the organisation or group and can be incorporated into policies and procedures to maximise return on investment.


FASD Mod 1 FASD Mod 1 (751 KB)

The Facts of FASD  A prerequisite for all other modules

FASD Mod 2 FASD Mod 2 (2471 KB)

 Strategies for Frontline Workers  For medical and allied health professionals social and welfare workers
 Strategies for Drug and Alcohol Workers  For medical and allied health professionals social and welfare workers
 Strategies for Mental Health Workers  

FASD Mod 3 FASD Mod 3 (869 KB)

 Living with FASD for parents and carers

FASD Mod 4 FASD Mod 4 (735 KB)

 Strategies for Teachers and Educators  

FASD Mod 5 FASD Mod 5 (805 KB)

 Strategies for Employment Consultants  

FASD Mod 6 FASD Mod 6 (879 KB)

 Strategies for Criminal Justice Personnel

FASD Mod 7 FASD Mod 7 (783 KB)

 Alcohol and Pregnancy for Students and Young People
 Prevention Training

FASD Mod 8 FASD Mod 8 (885 KB)

 Strategies for Homelessness Providers

FASD Mod 9 FASD Mod 9 (783 KB)

 FASD for Indigenous Participants  

FASD Mod All FASD Mod All (1281 KB)

This brochure outlines all the modules available for delivery in one small package


We have trainers available nationally.

Each participant receives a work book and a disk containing handouts – documents which relate to the interests of the target audience for each module.

For more information email Anne or ring Anne on 0412 550 540


Between 10 and 15 people x 2 modules 

$1800 per day 

Over 15 participants

 $100 per person



“Thank you for your honesty and sharing your own experiences” — Judith Corkhill ACT        

“Great training thank you” — Hamish Watt ACT

“Better than expected” — J Taudl ACT

“Training was very informative” — Jason Aguilera ACT

“Far exceeded my expectations…I really enjoyed this training and amazed at what I learnt today…thank you so much for your time.” — Kate Blake ACT

“Will need to go through (this workbook) again in my own time to have all information sink in.” — Anonymous ACT

“Was much more than I expected…very interesting and useful.” — Mellissa Doran

“…training was excellent — it exceeded my expectations…”

“…Anne’s personal experience enhanced the training and helped to enhance my understanding of ARND/FAS disorders…” — Alex Walten

“…far more comprehensive than expected, especially when combined with Anne’s personal anecdotes…” — Clare Pirrett

“…very useful and informative…Thanks very much Anne, you are welcome back any time…rdquo; — Trish Kane

“…great explanation and description / definition of FASD, FAS. ARND…” — Jade Blomley

“I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciated the FASD training yesterday. It was really informative and interesting (and shocking at times) and very relevant to our work at NPYWC. I think a lot of the time the training we receive is conducted by people who know the topic through book-learning so I think it was really great that you could share your knowledge through your own life experience.” — Gemma Farrar

“...better than I expected – interesting, informative — SCARY...” “Great resource: good statistics” “This is a fascinating subject — there needs to be a publicity campaign to raise community awareness” — Cathy Wilson NSW

“The information has been very interesting and applicable to the clients we work with” — Louise Hawke NSW

“I have enjoyed the program as it has addressed the myths regarding FASD” — Donna Picker NSW

“Excellent information with lots of research information...an excellent resource” — Liz Beasley NSW

“Excellent presenter” — Jody NSW