Flexible Project Based Training Programs

The role of Flexible Project Based Training Programs is to support Indigenous job seekers develop the skills and knowledge necessary to gain employment and perform effectively in a work environment.

Programs are underpinned by an Indigenous focused learning philosophy. Facilitators require an understanding of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous worldviews and complete training in appropriate cross-cultural delivery methods.

Incorporated into these programs will be key elements to align with Job Service Australia Employment goals including:

  • Skills assessments
  • Literacy and Numeracy assessments
  • Employment Pathway Plan Development
  • Resume update
  • Identifying potential stream upgrades (barriers to employment)

Also wherever possible industry/employer visits and work experience are wrapped up into the training linked into business development/placement consultant/reverse marketing (separate insurance is available to cover off for work experience placements)

Other key elements include:

  • Flexible delivery/low literacy and numeracy content and Indigenous friendly training materials/ contextualised L and N/Innovative training delivery styles not class room style

Complementary Services provided will include:

  • Mentoring support
  • Work experience placements

Special Projects and Partnerships

IEP Projects – developing a pre-employment program incorporating life skills training, specified goals. Training Connections Australia will work in with the developing of Job services Australia specific programs such as IEPs. These usually require more robust and intensive training program run over longer periods of time involving life skills as well as skill specific and accredited training components. The project management/coordination/training and support components of such projects is a service that TCA can offer Job Services Australia providers

Training Mapping

A full consultation process will be implemented including a training needs analysis. Training will be mapped according to priorities identified through this process. Trainers will be embedded in sites based on this consultation taking into consideration case load numbers and jobseekers streams.